10 Marketing Apps You Need That Could Save Your Sanity

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March 17, 2015
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March 19, 2015
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10 Marketing Apps You Need That Could Save Your Sanity

The Life Of A Marketer – Always On The Go!


Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling like you don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish everything on your never ending list of things to do? Tired of feeling like no matter how hard you work and you can never seem to make a dent in that ist? Congratulations! You are probably a marketer.

And I mean yeah, other jobs can be applied to this theory because people are infinitely busy, but for this one we’re directing our tips to the marketer on your team.

Marketing opportunities can happen any day, at any time, and marketing campaigns don’t clock out at 5 p.m. when the traditional work day is done. But we are here to help with that and have compiled a list of 10 useful marketing apps that could save you from an imminent meltdown. We even broke them up into categories for you to jump to if you only have time to check out the ones that are priority for you (because we care about your well being like that):

  • Apps for Productivity
  • Social Media Marketing Apps
  • Marketing Industry News Apps
  • Just for Fun Marketing Apps (we all need a break!)

So anyways, let’s get to it! We know you’re busy. Here are 10 apps that can make your life a little bit easier:

Marketing Apps for Productivity 

Amid the hundreds of marketing apps you can choose from, there are few must-haves that will help make your internet marketing tasks much easier to manage, update, and increase overall productivity.

#1 – Dropbox


Dropbox has become a godsend for marketers. No more fiddling with multiple versions of files and wondering which version is the most up to date. No more emailing documents to yourself or worrying about how you can access files when you’re not in the office. Dropbox solves all of these issues and more.

Dropbox allows you to access important files from anywhere—your desktop computer, laptop, or phone—allowing you to easily share files with your co-workers, ensuring everyone is always on the same page.

These folks on brightpod.com outline it really well, “Dropbox is great for storing and sharing heavy files, especially helpful if your team is spread out. From pictures, videos, and heavy files – everything is easily put away in this virtual storage facility – accessible even via your smartphone.” In a few clicks you can have access to any file you need.

#2 – Evernote


Because you never know when you might come up with a revolutionary idea, or just want to make sure you pick up milk on your way home from the office, Evernote has you covered. How many times have you been out running errands, in a meeting, or sitting in bed at night and come up with an idea you don’t want to forget?

Evernote is one of the best marketing mobile apps for recording notes when you are on the go. You can write down ideas, organize meeting notes, create to-do lists, and even record audio of meetings—helping you to improve productivity and record your great ideas. And the best part is that the app will immediately sync with all your devices, ensuring you have access to the latest versions.

#3 – Google Drive


Google Drive continues to become a more popular marketing mobile app for internet marketing. Similar to Dropbox, you can easily share documents with others and sync it with your phone. You can access all your files, view, edit, and comment on all documents shared with you, even when you are offline, with the added bonus of Drive being connected with the other Google products you already use.

The Drive is pretty useful when several different people are working on a single document, because it segments everyone so you can view who is making changes and when. We use it in our office every single day.

#4 – GoToMeeting


GoToMeeting is awesome. It allows you to not only listen to presentations, but also see the presenter’s screen as if you were attending the meeting in person. You can login via the internet using VoIP, or call in using your mobile phone, providing you with a number of options to be part of the meeting no matter where you are. You can record the meetings, share your screen, have HD video conferences and more. It’s really useful because sometimes it’s just impossible to get everyone in the same place at the same time.

Social Media Marketing Mobile Apps 

#5 – Hootsuite


With the growing availability to sign in via social login, you can gain access to your social media networks, manage your accounts, schedule messages, engage your audiences, and measure your impact. Hootsuite provides social media management through more than 35 social networking platforms, and is super useful for marketers.

It provides analytics that are essential for marketers to be able to report and figure out how to increase their followers, traffic, and clicks. Similar to other apps, HootSuite can be accessed from your smartphone so you can continue to monitor and engage with your followers at any time,” says Rachel Sprung, in 11 Apps Every Marketer Should Download.

#6 – Buffer


Buffer is another must-have mobile app for internet marketing for any marketer who is managing their own, or their clients’, social media accounts. You can gain access through social login and “set your own updating schedule for each account and create buffering patterns for different times throughout the week according to audience,” says Farooq, on Smart Insights. Plus, you can even share interesting links from your web browser without even leaving the app.

Marketing Apps for Staying On Point with Industry News 

A big part of a marketer’s job is to keep up with industry news and new developments so that they can stay one step ahead of competitors, and offer their clients the most effective marketing advice. Here are a few of the best:

#7 – Mashable


Mashable is one of the best sources of information for marketers to keep up with the latest news and developments in the internet marketing world. The app alerts you to the most read articles and adapts content delivery based on the size of the device. It notifies you of stories that are about to go viral, allowing you to be “in the know” at all times.

#8 – Feedly


Feedly allows marketers to easily manage all of their RSS feeds in one place. The app allows you to subscribe to your favorite feeds and discover new information about internet marketing, social media, and SEO. Tailored content is delivered directly to your tablet or smartphone, allowing you to stay on top of the latest developments in marketing.

Fun Marketing Mobile Apps 

You need to have some fun every once in a while. How else are you going to break up the monotony of the work day? Plus, these marketing apps can help keep you motivated, clear your head, and take a break from time to time:

#9 – Spotify


Whether you are working late or need a kickstart to your day, Spotify is a streamlined way for you to enjoy your favorite songs, artists, and playlists. You can access it through your desktop, tablet or phone, giving you access to millions of songs. NOTE – not ideal for Taylor Swift fans.

“Just an overall fun way to mine your music and get your creative on. Whether you like to play music throughout your day on your desktop, or want to access playlists and quickly pull up songs on the go, Spotify is a streamlined way to enjoy your tunes. Spotify is cool because it allows you to connect with Facebook friends, so you can even show value to a prospective connection by exchanging playlists,” says Michelle McGinnis in 9 Mobile Apps Every B2B Marketer Should Try.

#10 – TED


Giving yourself that mental break a few times a day is a must for sustained productivity. Taking a step back from any given project that you’re immersed in, can help to give you much needed perspective when you come back to it. The TED app provides users with content ranging from 3 to 18 minutes, on various interesting topics. Whether you search for something related to your industry, or just need to listen to something else entirely to give your brain that break, TED has a ton of material to choose from.

It has a really nifty “Inspire Me” feature which allows you to select interest fields (funny, jaw-dropping, informative) and pair it with how much time you have to tune in.

To Conclude

Marketing mobile apps can make your life easier and more productive. The apps above are a great start and can help you keep up-to-date, stay in the loop, and be more productive no matter where you are—in the office, on the subway, at a conference, or at home. Try them out and see how much impact they have, and let us know what you think!

Author: Leah Klingbeil

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