Cambodia’s Tourist Slight Increase 1.5%

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November 1, 2014
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November 5, 2014
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Cambodia’s Tourist Slight Increase 1.5%

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Cambodia’s tourist arrivals registered a slight increase of 1.5% in August, according to the country’s statistics and tourism information department. The country attracted 347,211 visits compared to 342,064 during the same month last year.
Released officially by the Ministry of Tourism, late last week, data showed Vietnam led the field with 72,613 visits decreasing 5.3% from 76,662 during the same month in 2013 While:
China (46,637; +22.6%)
Laos (34,924; -15.2%)
Thailand (29,180; +61.7%)
South Korea (27,233; -3.4%)

In August, 51.7% (179,657) of all international visitors arrived by air. Siem Reap Airport received the major share, 30.5% (105,762). Meanwhile, Phnom Penh Airport received market share of 21.3% (73,895).
Overland travel accounts for 46.1% (160,159 trips) through checkpoints with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, while sea travel is a small at 2.1% (7,395).
In addition, the data showed tourist arrivals to Siem Reap province, home of Angkor Wat, represented 46.2% of all trips at 183,140 visits, while arrivals to Phnom Penh and other destinations accounted for 41.4%, or 164,071 visits. Coastal areas also shared 11.0% with 43,816 visits while ecotourism areas accounted for just 1.4% receiving 5,499 visits.

By region, Asia Pacific accounted for an 80.4% market share and posted an increase of 2.0% supporting 279,005.
Africa recorded a growth of 20.9% with 445 visits following by Oceania (+5.2%; 9,405), Americas (+3.2%; 14,682), Europe (-1.4%; 52,376), and the Middle East (-10.8%; 703).
For January to August, the country welcomed 2,888,670 international travelers improving 4.2% from 2,773,424 visits during the same period in 2013.
In August, outbound trips by Cambodians reached 81,405, increasing 17.3% from 69,420 during the same month last year and 621,548 trips growing 7.1% for the first eight months of this year compared to 578,470 trips last year.

Source: ttrweekly

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