How to Use the Mention Feature on LinkedIn

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January 26, 2015
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How to Use the Mention Feature on LinkedIn

“What’s the Mention feature on LinkedIn?”

You may have never heard of it before, but using the Mention feature on LinkedIn is a great additional touch-point you can use with an influencer or decision maker.

This is how it works.

Let’s say, Susan has written a great article you want to share. You can hit the share button on the article and write in the text box “This is a great article on sales management by —and they when you start to type “Susan”, if she’s a first connection, her name will populate. Select her name and her name will show in blue as a hyperlink to her profile. You can do the same exact thing when you write a comment.

A few amazing things happen when you mention someone on LinkedIn:

  1. In this case, Susan will receive a notification you are sharing her name.
  2. If Susan has a Twitter account and you share your update on Twitter (meaning you check the Twitter box on the LinkedIn share button) when the tweet goes out, Susan’s handle will automatically be populated in the tweet. So you’re automatically mentioning Susan, both on LinkedIn and Twitter in 1 share.
  3. When other people see your update and your reference of Susan, they can click on her name to view her profile. Susan will now have new people viewing her profile.

All of this is to say; mentioning someone is a great way of staying top of mind, acknowledging other people’s work, and helping them get greater recognition. Which in turn helps you increase your profile with them.

By: Celina Guerrero

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